New Product - Trestle - Makes a Strong (solar) Statement

We've noticed a trend. What's old is new again, especially old warehouses and industrial facilities. These are being turned into hyper-cool work and life spaces. People love the authenticity of structure over slickness, and re-use of perfectly sound, previously forgotten, spaces. Even new developments are picking up this aesthetic. And all of them are making an effort to be green.  Perfect opportunity to integrate solar technology.

This inspired the creation of Trestle, our latest, biggest, strongest solar structure. Borrowing the pragmatic design elements of bridge-work and heavy industry, we created a sturdy statement of solar. It's sustainable in every sense: it's solar, it's recycled and recyclable, and it ain't falling over.

Trestle provides the most shade of any of Spotlight's products: over 300 square feet. And its human scale (14' tall) is perfect for creating outdoor spaces for seating, eating, and drinking in the shade of beautiful solar technology. It incorporates 18 Lumos solar panels that look gorgeous from every angle, especially including the underside (where the people are). Its 4.5 kW capacity isn't going to run a big building, but it shows up: you could run electric vehicles for over 22,000 miles with the clean energy it puts out. If you want to talk light bulbs, how about 474 -- LED of course.

Trestle's first outing was at the campus of Alliant Energy. They wanted a place for customers to come and investigate solar technology for themselves, and they wanted it to look great. So, they installed nine Trestle structures (and a number of our other products).