People know solar is beneficial. Now it can be beautiful, too. Installed in visible places, Spotlight Solar structures make clean energy and signal their owners' care for the environment.

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Increase your return on solar

Spotlight Solar structures incorporate beautiful, efficient solar panels in sculptural forms designed to inspire. This adds reputation value to the ROI on other environmental investments. Your customers will advocate, employees will gain pride, and tenants will prefer your property. And your example will lead other people to consider their own choices. we call this Return on Visibility (click for more).

Lift array closeup

Beautiful machines

Spotlight products are artistic, not art projects.

Industrial design, engineering, and precision manufacturing are employed to deliver solar energy systems that are at once striking and productive. People often call them solar trees; we say "art meets clean energy machine." 

- qualification for wind speeds up to 175 MPH
- flexible configuration and orientation
- high performance coatings in over 200 colors
- integration with beautiful, efficient solar modules
- assembly in one day



Variety, flexibility

Sites differ and tastes differ. Our products come in a range of styles and sizes, all with built in flexibility to make it uniquely yours.


Accessories and communications support

To make your Spotlight Solar structures even more engaging, we offer several accessories. Integrated lighting, seats, and places to plug in. We can also incorporate signs or branding, tastefully. Please see product detail pages for available items.

Clients place our structures on their property to signal their environmental stewardship and to encourage others to do likewise. We can help you to achieve these communication goals through signage and collaborative PR support.


How to Buy

Spotlight makes the great looking structures (most people call them solar trees). Solar integrators add solar panels, electrical equipment, and installation services. 

Spotlight Solar partners with top-notch integrators to provide distinctive solar structures for your site. Our partners are selected for expertise in solar technology and installation in commercial and public property settings. We train Certified Integrators on the specifics of our products and installation. Contact Spotlight Solar for a recommendation of a Certified Integrator in your area. 

Final installed pricing is up to the integrator and is based on product selected, site conditions, and other factors. You can expect a fully installed Spotlight solar system to be in the range of $35,000 to $60,000 depending on the product chosen and quantity. Tax credits and recoveries can reduce this about 50%.


Frequently answered questions

  1. How soon will the system pay for itself?  The economic benefit of Spotlight Solar structures comes primarily through Return On Visibility, the value of showing your clean energy stewardship to your stakeholders. The structures do reduce your power bill, but they are more an investment in communication than in cost savings.

  2. How much power do they make, and what do you do with the energy?  Solar tree capacities range from 1.8 to 5.3 kW. You can do a lot with that energy, but it is not enough to be a primary source for a commercial property. Normally, our structures are interconnected at the closest electrical panel, and the energy offsets needs of a building. Often, they've been set up to power electric vehicle charging stations. One Lift can make enough energy to run an electric vehicle for 15,000 miles per year.

  3. Do your solar trees qualify for tax credits?  Our structures are solar racking equipment (somewhat better looking than average). Thus, installations have qualified for tax credits which apply to solar systems. But we're not your CPA, so please ask them to verify.

  4. What is the lead time for installation?  Please allow eight weeks from order to installation date of structures. As well, plan for permitting and curing time for in-ground concrete foundations.

  5. Where do I get those beautiful solar panels?  Spotlight Solar makes the great looking structures. Lumos Solar provides the solar panels. They look great from every angle, including the back, are easy to install, and are extremely strong.

  6. Do you design custom products?  Our products are meant to be flexible enough for most needs and repeatable enough to keep cost down. That said, maybe we've missed a big opportunity. If so, give us a call.

  7. Can we install at our home?  Spotlight Solar products are intended for commercial and public space, having a public-art-meets-clean-energy-machine aesthetic. If that works for your home, it’s OK with us.