Trestle offers a strong, deliberate aesthetic, recalling heavy industry and railroads. Among our products, it provides the most shade and sense of place, making it great for courtyards and seating areas. Its 18 solar panels also produce 4.5 kW, enough to power electric vehicles over 20,000 miles per year.

Trestle Tech Drawing 3.PNG

General Specifications:

5kW capacity using 18 Lumos LSX panels

Panels mount directly to Array Frame - no rail required

120 MPH wind rating (ASCE 7-10)

Height ~ 14’, wingspan 30'

300 sq ft of shade

Flexible orientation of solar arrays, tilt

High-performance powder coat

80% recycled steel



Options / accessories:

200+ colors

Accent lighting

Standing height table with power outlets


Trestle table.png