This is what we’re talking about

Solar Today magazine recently ran a story about CenturyLink Field’s 782 kW solar system.  The largest solar system in Washington, at a cost of over $3 million, this is a great example of the Seattle Seahawks organization’s care for their environmental impact.  We greatly respect this.  But we also regret that it is invisible!

Solar installation on CenturyLink Field, Seattle

OK, not invisible to a few people on the parking deck, or in helicopters.  But the 67,000 people in the stadium can’t see it on the roof of the event center next door.

Let me hasten to add:  The solar system, which will eliminate the pollution equivalent of 260 cars per year, is exactly where it should be: an unused, unshaded roof.  But the Seahawks and Sounders would benefit substantially by having a little more solar where people can see it, to remind fans of their environmental care, and to encourage them to consider their own choices.  Like this, maybe…

4 Qwest Field