There's tar on our heels

We’re based in Chapel Hill, NC.  It’s a terrific place with a lot of well educated and creative people.  It is also the domain of people known as Tarheels (like Hokies, only less hokey).  No one can apparently prove one theory over another as to the origin of the term Tarheel.

At any rate, we were happy to be featured this week in an article in The Daily Tarheel, published by the University of NC at Chapel Hill.  While not 100% accurate (e.g., we don’t make solar panels), the article portrays our genuine interest in helping to develop careers in renewable energy.  Jessica Bruckert, for instance, is one of a growing number of students willing to help Spotlight Solar as we expand.  We are excited to have their enthusiasm and contributions.  We think this bodes well for the future of renewable energy.

Craig Merrigan