Project overview

Spotlight Solar is proud to be the emblem for a new LEED Platinum school in North Carolina. Built in partnership with Firstfloor, Metcon and PowerSecure, Sandy Grove Middle School will generate more energy than it will use. This is accomplished by solar and geothermal systems, cutting-edge efficiency measures, and LED lighting. The Spotlight Solar structures are the emblem of this milestone in energy stewardship.

Sandy Grove Middle School is not just net-zero, it makes 30% more energy than it uses. And, because of its innovation in energy management and the public-private funding method, it will save the taxpayers $35 million. 

The architect and school board recognized that this school could lift civic pride and expectations for the whole community. So they placed four Spotlight “Lift” Solar structures in vibrant color right in front, ensuring that Sandy Grove became a landmark of sustainability.

Every morning when the buses unload, kids walk right under beautiful solar machines, and know they are learning at one of the most future-savvy schools in the country.



Solar structures -- Lift (4)
Energy stewardship -- energy surplus LEED Platinum building
Location -- Lumber Bridge, NC
Exposure -- students, staff, parents, residents
Certified Integrator: PowerSecure


Press, impact

Inhabitat: Solar Power Trees Sprout at Nation’s First Net-Positive Leased Public School

Net Zero School Highlights Green Building with Visible Solar

Robbie Ferris, CEO of SfL+a Architects and FirstFloor commented, “FirstFloor is a development company that builds net-positive energy schools that are both environmentally and financially sustainable. Sandy Grove is the first; and Spotlight Solar is helping us make a statement we hope will inspire many other communities.”

"The Spotlight Solar structures are an inspiring capstone on the tremendous achievement of this project – they place clean energy right among the students in a beautiful way."
-  Blair Kendall, Director of Business Development, PowerSecure

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