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1.4 million business and government leaders visit the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando each year. So it is the perfect place for the city to show its support for clean, renewable energy. Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC), the primary utility serving Orlando, placed four Spotlight Solar structures at the convention center, as part of its efforts to promote the adoption of solar energy.

OUC is a champion for solar, having previously installed a huge 1 megawatt system on the roof of the convention center, and is adding 13 MW to its 7 MW solar farm. But since those systems are not in public view, OUC wanted a way to advocate more visibly for solar, and to help establish the City of Orlando as a leader in renewable energy stewardship.

The four Lift solar trees from Spotlight Solar make a strong statement, standing 22' tall, front and center near entrances to the building and by the highway. The energy produced is used by the convention center. While the solar trees' output is modest vs. the needs of this immense facility, it is more than enough to charge visitors' phones (1.8 million full charges per year!) or electric vehicles (60,000 miles). One "tree" in a pedestrian area incorporates a bench and power outlets -- so people can rest in the shade of beautiful solar technology, charge their devices, and consider their own energy choices.

OUC is also providing Spotlight Solar structures to Camping World Stadium, SunRail, and Lynx stations around the city in its continuing campaign to promote solar energy adoption.



Location -- Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Exposure -- 1.4 million visitors per year

Solar structures -- Lift (4)

Production -- 60,000 electric vehicle miles per year

Owner's energy stewardship -- over 20 MW of solar

Certified Integrator: Superior Solar


Press, impact

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Press release

 “We are deploying these architectural solar energy structures in high visibility places around the city to advocate for solar energy, and encourage people to consider their own energy choices.”
      -- Linda Ferrone, President, Orlando Utilities Commission

"People prefer OCCC for its use of solar energy ... the economic value of that cannot be overstated."
      -- John Culver, Sustainability Manager, OCCC

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