Project overview

Student leaders in the Park Scholarships program at NC State University organized a project to bring a solar tree to campus, in order to increase engagement on the topic of energy stewardship. The Curve structure is the 13th solar system at NC State, but the only visible one. It was placed in front of the beautiful new LEED Silver library where it draws attention to clean energy and draws students to stand in the shade of solar technology. 

The Curve structure incorporates a table and power outlets for charging laptops, phones, popcorn makers, etc. It is connected to a battery system, and will later be tied into an advanced smart grid network.

As students gather under the solar tree, they'll also be able to connect by scanning a QR code to a website that explains the intent of the project, and even see the impact of all solar on campus through monitoring software.



Solar structure -- Curve, with table, power outlets, and sign
Energy stewardship -- 12 solar systems, LEED Silver library
Location -- Raleigh, NC
Exposure -- students, staff, visitors
Certified Integrator: Yes Solar Solutions


Press, impact

NC State's project website and video

Press release

“It is our hope that the solar tree brings visibility to solar energy, solar education and the benefits of alternative energy sources,” said Nathan Pedder, one of three Park Scholars who led the Class of 2015’s Legacy Gift committee.

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