Project overview

The Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex inspires millions of visitors with technology and human achievement. It’s a privilege to have five Spotlight Solar Lift structures in such an important place.

1958 marked the first flight of photovoltaic solar cells in space, with the Vanguard 1 satellite (which remains in orbit). Space flight was one of the first practical applications of solar electricity, and the US space program has been key to advancing PV technology. So we think it is fitting for solar to have a visible presence at Kennedy, educating visitors and endorsing renewable energy.

Credit goes to the Kennedy Space Center’s leaders for their vision and partnership, and to Florida Power & Light’s 44,000 voluntary SolarNow participants, who contributed funds to bring solar into public, interactive places. As FPL’s director put it, “these solar structures are designed to fuel curiosity in renewable energy by installing solar in places where people can see it, engage with it, and learn about it, all while generating clean, zero emissions energy.”

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Solar -- five Spotlight's Lift structures, plus other projects on site
Energy stewardship -- NASA has a primary role in environmental research; and FPL will have 30 million solar panels by 2030, 10.5 gigawatts
Exposure -- 1.5 million people per year
Certified Integrator -- SEM Power

Press, impact

Florida Today article

Fox35 story

All four TV networks attended the dedication November 28, 2018

“These five distinctive solar trees add educational value and an interactive component that inspires our visitors to learn more about renewable energy.”
- Therrin Protze, COO for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

“We are excited that Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has joined our SolarNow family. As we continue to advance solar in Florida, the visitor complex is the perfect location to educate people of all ages about the benefits of solar energy.”
- Matt Valle, VP of development at Florida Power & Light.