Project overview

The Frost Museum of Science opened its new facility in 2017 on the Miami waterfront. Two Lift solar "trees" on its front porch viscerally communicate both the unique interactivity of Frost and its commitment to sustainability. And it does not disappoint.

Thanks to a donation from Florida Power & Light, this stunning LEED Gold certified building has both rooftop solar and sculptural solar, in addition to many other sustainability measures. It uses advanced clean technologies in a way that engages people. Educational programs called Days In The Sun provide kids hands-on experimentation with solar energy, right in the shade of Spotlight's memorable solar structures. On the rooftop there are 240 solar panels - enough to power 66 South Florida classrooms. This echoes the other 10 million solar panels FPL is installing in larger solar farms.

Frost is a leading science museum dedicated to sharing the power of science, sparking wonder and investigation, and fueling innovation for the future.  About one million visitors per year explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in an experiential setting.



Solar -- 2 Spotlight Lift structures, 66 MW on the roof
Energy stewardship -- LEED Gold building
Location -- Miami, FL waterfront
Exposure -- one million visitors per year
Certified Integrator: Advanced Green Technologies
Sponsor -- Florida Power & Light

Press, impact

Blog Post on Frost Science site

Miami Herald - solar summer camp

“Usually solar panels are far away on a solar farm or up on roof tops — there’s no way to see them up close,” she said. “The installation gives kids a chance to see what it looks like and get them interested."  - Alys Daly of FPL in Miami Herald interview

“After their solar-powered experiments, campers gained a new level of understanding that solar energy can power all parts of our lives."  - Daniel Mannina, Frost Science counselor

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