Solar on the Front Porch

We are proud to announce the first installation of our new product, Industry. Wake Electric, a coop utility in Wake Forest, saw fit to incorporate three Industry structures at their new headquarters in Wake Forest, NC. This is close to our office, so we were able to be on-site for the installation work by our partner PowerSecure, and the subsequent grand opening of the new building. 

1 Wake Electric Spotlight Solar tree front porch
Wake Electric logo with Spotlight Solar Industry medium

Not only is this the first outing for Industry, it is the first installation by a utility. More are coming shortly, BTW. We love to see utilities embracing solar technology and making it more visible. Many of Wake Electrics customers/member come to this building to pay their bills, and now they do so in the shadow of great looking solar. Wake Electric has embraced solar as part of their energy portfolio and wants to show their support to their customers, and to raise awareness and understanding of renewable energy.

1 DSC_0325 cropped

“All too often solar panels are placed on rooftops or out of the way and out of the public eye. So there’s a lot that the public doesn’t know about solar arrays,” said Don Bowman, manager of engineering for Wake Electric. We agree.

Wake Electric will connect the Spotlight Solar structures to smart grid integrated battery systems, and offset the energy requirements of three electric vehicle chargers at their new building. The combined 6 kW system will power electric cars for 26,000 miles per year.

1 Wake Electric Spotlight Solar tree rear

Jim Mangum, CEO of Wake Electric had this to say. “Wake Electric is working to provide its members the right balance of energy sources, and solar is part of that balance. At our new office, it is fitting to incorporate the latest solar technology, both to provide a source of renewable energy and to provide our members a perspective on the future of energy. The beautiful Spotlight Solar “trees” provided by PowerSecure Solar are a great way to make solar visible, and even to enhance the streetscape of downtown Wake Forest.”

Craig Merrigan