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Project overview

Florida Power & Light will have 2.4 gigawatts of solar by 2023, over 10 million panels. This is one of the largest investments in solar energy in the US, but mostly out of view in rural areas. Customers have expressed enthusiasm for solar, and a desire to see it in their communities. So, FPL complemented their large-scale solar projects with a program called SolarNow, which enables people to contribute voluntarily to smaller solar projects located where they can see them. This effort has brought (great looking) solar to parks, zoos, science centers, schools, city hall, water parks, stadiums, an airport, and more... where millions of people can see and interact with it.

Spotlight Solar exists to make solar more visible, so more people will embrace it. We are thrilled by what the 44,000 members of FPL's SolarNow program are accomplishing.

As one SolarNow particpant said, "This is a way to help the environment... donating a small amount of money, benefiting the community by installing great things like this which we can use and see on a daily basis."

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Solar -- a lot of Spotlight's Lift and Curve structures
Energy stewardship -- FPL will have 10 million solar panels for 2.4 gigawatts capacity by 2023
Locations - various locations in Florida
Exposure -- 10s of millions of people per year
Certified Integrators -- SEM Power, Hannah Solar, AGT

Press, impact

TV News - kangaroos, 10 million solar panels, and solar trees

Miami Herald - solar ring and trees coming for the Super Bowl

"The legacy of these solar trees... is a lasting impression to the guests that come to Zoo Miami... to develop awareness about solar power and what it means to the sustainability of our community."   - Carol Kruse, Director, Zoo Miami

“These solar arrays are designed to fuel curiosity in renewable energy by installing solar in places where people can see it, engage with it, and learn about it, all while generating clean, zero emissions energy.”
- Jill Dvareckas, Director of Development, FPL

SolarNow participants share their excitement for visible solar.