Environmental Hazards

Yesterday we had tornados in the Raleigh-Durham area.  Our local Spotlight Solar installation is unharmed.  It likely had no encounter with a tornado, but it is designed for 130 MPH winds, so it might have been an interesting fight.  Tornados are rare for this area, but we do have other environmental hazards, and have tested our product in these rigorous conditions.  See pictures below of North Carolina style stress tests.  It’s tough out here!

Pollen Loading Test



Snow Loading Test, NC-style


Solar Magnet

Our installation at Southern Energy Management in Raleigh-Durham, NC seems to have some gravitational pull.

As SEM would readily admit, their offices are not exactly on Times Square. But in spite of the industrial surroundings, the Spotlight system is attracting a steady stream of visitors. CEOs, government leaders, and community leaders have all made a point to see this new and novel solar system/sculpture/thing.  This is exactly the type of benefit we are trying to bring to our Certified Integrator partners. It comes down to delivering new value to commercial buyers of solar.

One CEO and community leader who visited our installation today looked up at it and said  “Now, I get it!” He was the latest of several to say the same thing. They get that a visible and striking solar system will start conversations among visitors to a property — about clean energy, the environment, and the positive impact measures the property owner has taken. And thus, the property will be differentiated, the owner will earn a reputation for leadership, and more people will consider solar power.


Installation at Southern Energy Management

We installed our new product, Lift, at the offices of Southern Energy Management in Raleigh-Durham, NC. SEM has been a fantastic partner, and was our first Spotlight Solar Certified Integrator.

Many thanks to Budway (really), Jimmy, and Nate for doing a first rate job with something brand new and novel — in the bitter cold and rain no less.   We started off on a bad foot by asking them for a pre-build planning meeting right before Christmas, starting at 5:00.  But they brought a great attitude (typical of Southern Energy), and made the job in January look easy.

In fact, the installation was remarkably easy. The team had to think things through for the first time, so that took a little time, but everything went together well on the first try. Credit to Rob Surra, Spotlight’s leader of product development, for a great design that prioritizes installation.

Thanks as well to Max, David B, James, and JJ at Southern Energy Management. And most of all, thanks to Bob and Maria Kingery, co-founders of SEM, for their unwavering support of Spotlight Solar.  They run a terrific company that serves customers, and higher purposes, extremely well.  We’re privileged to have their partnership.

There's tar on our heels

We’re based in Chapel Hill, NC.  It’s a terrific place with a lot of well educated and creative people.  It is also the domain of people known as Tarheels (like Hokies, only less hokey).  No one can apparently prove one theory over another as to the origin of the term Tarheel.

At any rate, we were happy to be featured this week in an article in The Daily Tarheel, published by the University of NC at Chapel Hill.  While not 100% accurate (e.g., we don’t make solar panels), the article portrays our genuine interest in helping to develop careers in renewable energy.  Jessica Bruckert, for instance, is one of a growing number of students willing to help Spotlight Solar as we expand.  We are excited to have their enthusiasm and contributions.  We think this bodes well for the future of renewable energy.

We're here to help.

We at Spotlight Solar wish it to be known that we are here to help.

1.  We will help our customers to earn a reputation for leadership in renewable energy, and distinguish their properties with great looking solar systems.

2.  We will help accelerate the adoption of solar by making it more visible and attractive, and help the industry to avoid “commoditization.”

3.  We will help our team members and business partners to succeed.

So, in the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, “help me to help you.”  Send us an email through our Contact page, and tell us how we can be helpful.