Spotlight Solar aesthetic structures have brought solar into view for millions of people. They signal a property owner's environmental care and influence people to consider clean energy for themselves. Here are a few examples of projects we've been privileged to work on.

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Student leaders at NC State led this project to add Curve as the 12th solar system on campus. Placed right in front of a LEED silver library, it promotes education in energy and environmental stewardship.

Electric utility

Alliant Energy, a major midwestern utility, built a solar testing and education center with EPRI.  23 Spotlight Solar trees make it engaging for customers and the public.


Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake educates 150,000 people per year about conservation. And their Lift structures shade visitors and flamingos alike in their most popular exhibit, inspiring consideration of solar.

Convention center

Orlando Utilities Commission, the primary utility serving Orlando, placed four Spotlight Solar structures at the convention center, as part of its advocacy for solar energy. The structures complement a 1 MW rooftop array and will be seen by 1.3 million visitors per year.

Surplus energy school

The school board and architect built Sandy Grove Middle School to produce 30% more energy than it uses. With its four Lift solar trees in front, it's a landmark of sustainability and civic pride.

Wake Electric

Wake Electric built a new HQ building, and wanted to show their support for clean energy. So they put three Industry solar trees on the porch.

Imagine if you will...

Our architectural solar structures are pretty new to the world. So, while there have been a goodly number of projects, we've got ambitions for a lot more, and hope you do too! Below are some image renderings of solar trees in situ.


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