Spotlight Solar products are designed to attract attention...

to clean energy, and to the properties their installed on, and to their owners. Below is a sampling of that attention. Our solar trees have their own gravitational pull, but Spotlight's experienced marketing pros also help our clients to shine a light on energy stewardship.

Babcock Ranch: Spotlight raising clean energy awareness at America's first solar powered town

Spotlight "trees" prevalent throughout what is being labeled America's most sustainable new town which is powered by more than 300,000 solar panels spread across 440 acres.

FP&L and Spotlight Solar partner to deploy visible solar structures across Florida

Florida's largest utility aims to boost clean energy visibility and adoption with Spotlight's "solar trees". 

‘Return on visibility’: Spotlight Solar on bringing solar into the public view

In this interview with Spotlight Solar CEO Craig Merrigan, pv magazine delves into the business and the business model of making solar visible...

Spotlight Solar Adds Beauty & Visibility To Solar Installations

This artistic creation by Spotlight Solar achieved exactly what it was designed and built to do – to put a spotlight on solar.

Flamingos Spotlight Solar for 130,000 Visitors Per Year

The latest and most eye-catching expression of Tracy Aviary’s dedication to environmental conservation, education and solar energy.

St. Louis Rams Score With Solar

Standing as tall as nearby trees, the solar sculpture is just west of the main entrance and has been installed to get the maximum exposure. The LSX solar panels are visible proof of the Rams’ continuing greening efforts.

NC State University installs student-funded spotlight solar structure to drive awareness and adoption of clean energy

The University aims to build engagement and education around sustainability, with the ultimate goal of becoming a catalyst for the adoption of clean energy

Recent press releases

Spotlight Solar Trees Stand Tall at Orange County, FL Convention Center

Flamingos Spotlight Solar for 130,000 Visitors per Year at Tracy Aviary

Net Zero School Highlights Green Building with Visible Solar

Charge it: Georgia’s first solar-powered vehicle charging station

Georgia’s first solar-powered charging station — free to motorists using it — was dedicated at the state visitor information center in West Point ...home to the Kia Motors auto assembly plant.

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Dominion's video on Solar For Schools project

  TV and news photographers assembled to capture installation of Curve at NC State University

TV and news photographers assembled to capture installation of Curve at NC State University

Utah celebrates Earth Day, pink solar trees debut